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Medication Clinic

NSCC offers a Medication Clinic for current patients of our Outpatient Programs in Beverly.  You and your clinician may discuss the potential benefits of medication and if you would like, your clinician will make a referral to our Medication Clinic for an evaluation.  Please be aware that in order to continue in our Beverly Medication Clinic, you must be in active therapy with one of our clinicians and must been seen at least once per month.

NSCC also offers a Medication Only Clinic at our Salem Satelite location.  Ongonhg therapy is not a requirement at this location.  If appropriate, our prescriber may refer you for therapy.

Our staff of prescribers will evaluate you for medication appropriateness and effectiveness.  Through ongoing visits they will monitor and customize a medication schedule that will best fit your needs.

Our Medication Clinic operates Monday through Thursday in Beverly, and on Tuesdays in Salem.